About JEOAH Electric


Our vision is to make you part of our family.

We at JEOAH Electric are a family business. We prioritize giving our customers a five-star experience every time they call us. Our owners' names are Erwin and Owen Carrasquilla, father and son.

As we have grown we have been able to improve the quality of service we offer our customers and that for us is a huge achievement. We look forward to continuing this into the future.

Our goal is to take the path less traveled and go the extra mile to ensure we leave you happy and satisfied.


At JEOAH we strive to make every interaction enjoyable. We want to leave you with a positive experience that shows our dedication and commitment to bringing happiness into your home just as a lightbulb brings light and warmth.


Faith is our conviction that our producers are the best, not only for our clients but for the people that help us be successful. Everyone inside or outside our organization will be treated with transparency and dignity along with the kindness and respect we try to instill into our very being.


By ourselves we are weak, but as a unit we are strong. That is why here at JEOAH you are not an employee, a coworker, a customer, or a contractor... YOU ARE FAMILY. Because you add your weakness to our weakness and together, we are stronger united then devided.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Andie Schatkowski
a week ago via Google
A tree limb severed power to half the power in our home during the previous winter storm. Upon inspection, your tech observed that our power...
John L Obrecht
a month ago via Google
I recently purchased a new stove and needed someone to connect the stove to the electrical service. I contacted JEOAH to inspect my electrical...
Jelena Nunez Breton
a week ago via Google
JEOAH ELECTRIC swiftly resolved my flickering lights issue with expertise and professionalism. From prompt arrival to thorough diagnosis and efficient repairs, they left no room...