Additional Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Services

As a customer-oriented electrician business, our services offered are wide and varied. We perform all facets of electrical troubleshooting and diagnostic analysis on your current electrical systems. Some additional services you may find useful that do not fall into clean categories are listed below.

Electrical Fault Finding (Troubleshooting):

Sometimes your smaller electrical systems break or wear out which can cause electrical issues. We identify faulty or defective switches, outlets, and lights so you can feel safe at home without the worry of an electrical shock.

Renovations and Upgrades:

It is a good idea to rotate out and replace old thermostats, electric heaters, CO2 detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors over time. You should always ensure that your new and existing electrical systems are working and up to code. If you are in the market for new renovations or upgrading you can always contact a certified electrician to get the job done right.

Safety Inspection:

Whenever we are called to your home for any electrical issue we offer a free electrical safety inspection of your existing electric systems. We perform electrical check-ups on specific critical points of your home such as breaker panels, meter sockets, and grounding systems. This is a unique service offered exclusively by JEOAH Electric because we want to ensure your home is as safe as it can be.

Generators Maintenance:

Your home backup generators should be maintained at least every year and ideally quarterly testing to prevent it from seizing or breaking down at the worst of times. We can provide systematic maintenance to prevent possible electrical failure due to moisture corrosion or arcing.

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I can't say enough good things about JEOAH Electric! Our service cable was ripped off of the side of our house late in the afternoon...
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I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude towards JEOAH company. Their personnel is very friendly and very knowledgeable. They treat the...
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Our electric went out in most of the rooms in our home. Called Jeoah Electric they came out and took the time to find...